Soapy Lesbian Shower Sex

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729 4.6
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Sedecrem Nov 27
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I find watching Sinn enjoying another woman is the finest treat lesbian porn has to offer. She quite simply elevates lovemaking between women to the category of art. This video proves me right. There's something truly beautiful about Sinn's way of rubbing, caressing and bringing her partner to orgasm. That something is, I believe, her delight in the female body. Take this natural talent and add in a sexy, soapy shower and the result is, of course, a visual delight you do not want to miss!

SinnSage Nov 28

thanks so much sedecrem! your review is much appreciated! :)

thanks so much! i'm so glad you enjoyed! more hot shower scenes on the way!

Velour_Valnor - Top reviewer Feb 7 2017
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A lovely shower, i love this video

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This is a great video, Cheyenne Jewel and Sinn have awesome chemistry, with a giggling and laughing, it's sexy.
Sinn's scar is so hot and badass! I love seeing it.
The best times are of course the making out parts with the moaning. I would love to see more of that with a close up on Sinn and Cheyenne's pretty faces.
There is also not much make up on Sinn and Cheyenne I think, which is good. No make up would be perfect!

Basset333 Feb 23 2017
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Always enjoy these two together.....its just not long enough to really do a shower scene justice. Needs more kissing and lots more whole, wet body to wet body contact, rubbing and gliding. Also, oral in the shower is way hot to do, to receive and to watch. The soaping up at the beginning is a really hot start. Add 7 or 8 more minutes and it would be perrrrfect. Still a solid addition to a Sinn Sage Library. :-)

On a side note, I really wish there were half star options.....this is a 3 1/2, not a 3.

SinnSage Feb 23 2017

You should always round up then 😉

Sinn Sage. Cheyenne Jewell. Sexy, sudsy soap. Wet. Kissing. Rubbing. Finger fucking. Wet ass grabbing. Tribbing. Grinding. All the hot lesbian shower action. super hot orgasms. you want to watch us
Bend Over, Baby
American / California
American / California