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April Booth Coaches Doll Fucker Steve

3k Views · jun 21, 2017
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19 year old newcomer April Booth had never heard of a RealDoll before, let along had the opportunity to work closely with one. That all changed when I hired her for some sex doll fuck coaching. She asked me what she had to do and my reply was simply: Critique my doll fucking! April slumped to the side and allowed me to start fucking Tasia Teya Simone Doll at my leisure. She noticed the fucking sounded a lot like a rubber ballon and made sure I knew about her fucking observations. It's difficult to imagine having sex with a fake doll when a perfectly good 19 year old teenage girl is right there with her real live pussy dripping wet and ready to go. However, April really got into helping me fuck that Tasia doll on the sofa now that I think about it. Such a good girl! She totally leaned in and got incredibly close and exceptionally personal with the silicon doll as as my hot wet cock slid in and out of the doll's artificial pussy. I couldn't resist near the end of this scene and grabbed April Booth's yummy A-cup boobies while I finishes up my final thrusts. April didn't seem to mind at all as she was ready to leave and head out for IHOP as soon as I was done. Thankfully I blew my load all over the doll's belly and the rest is history

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