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Miss Taylor BBW

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765 5.0
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will04 May 22 2017
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Amazing video, squirting for days. So hot!

Bentleyforbbw Jan 24 2017
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Gorgeous shaking! Squirting is out of this world!!!!!! Look forward to more!

Lovetheplump - Top reviewer Aug 30 2017
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This video features sexy belly and titty play, along with some 1st rate squirting. Miss Taylor is sexy plump perfection. This is a truly arrousing viewing experience.

I was feeling sooo horny! Get underneath me and eat my yummy pussy. I slide my hands all over my body. Teasing and rubbing my clit making my thighs, pussy, belly and tits jiggle. My round tummy making waves as I rub harder and faster. I grab my glass dildo (guaranteed squirting), continuously pounding it in and out of my hot wet pussy. I drench the ground beneath me! I squirt over and over, sucking my cum off my toy