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RealDoll BatGirl Joker Parody Fuck

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The gritty streets of the city are no match for little Tasia Teya Simone Batty Doll. She fucks the criminals, gains their trust, then busts their asses. It's all in a day's work. Teya Batty is a girl with little else on her mind other than fighting crime. So what if she needs to fuck some weird guy in clown makeup to do so? She'll bust an orgasm and then bust the bad guy. All good. Super petite spinner Teya loves having Steve's rock solid penis slide in and out of her asshole. In her mind she's screaming and moaning with pleasure as the sensation of Mr. Awesome's cock in her bunghole drives her mad with pleasure. Steve Awesome could only hold back for so long as he fucked the deliciously tiny Teya in her pussy and butt. He eventually succumbs to the throes of passion and releases his load all over her lovely pink butt cheek. Mmmmm! Super Petite blonde vixen Tasia Teya Simone Doll was prowling the city streets looking for crime and villains (in no particular order). She abruptly got into a wrestling match that soon turned super sexy. What Teya ended up with was a half-crazed lunatic in clown makeup and a wrestling match. The crazy clown ended up kissing her passionately and all she could think about was having his big cock slide into her cunt hole. Teya was somewhat intrigued by him (after giving him a headbutt) that she decided she needed to fuck him to get more information. Miss Simone figured she could bang his cock and then get him in a more open-minded state of mind. Steve 'Joker' Awesome, the villain in question, was more than happy to fuck! Little Teya didn't mind getting some hardcore XXX action going and her pussy flushed with juices awaiting Steve's crazy man meat

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