Rub Mommy's Pretty Feet-MP4-HD



German / Florida
12:28 min - Mar 25 - .MP4 - 297.46 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Mommy just got home....she's exhausted...been on her feet all day with her toes squished into heels while she waits on 45-50 tables! You are her love of her life...her only baby boy, and of course you offer to rub her sore, tired pretty feet. She is just so happy when she hears you offer, that she can't turn you down...she s on a pretty sexy blue bra with a baby blue sweater partially hiding her huge tits! You start rubbing her toes....moving to her high feel your cock beginning to grow....pressing on your pants.....with each rub of mommy's feet, your cock stiffen....Mommy kept changing positions....making your even harder....she noticed your throbbing manhood poking out of your pants....she called you out...seeing what her feet and toes were doing to loved her red toes, highly arched feet, and wrinkled soles....she told you since you gave her such an amazing foot massage, it's now your turn.....take your cock out of your pants....she tells you.....she tells you how to stroke it....and that she wants your hot load dripped on each toe....!!!! ENJOY