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Toe Biting Catfight 2 HD

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Lola Fae had a relaxing day while I (Star Nine) worked hard in high heels and business attire. Removing the black pumps, she's distracted by my nylon feet and offers a foot massage. Her gentle kneading lulls me into relaxation and I don't expect her to foot bite me! She's a bratty bitch when I confront her about toe biting and I'm struggling to escape her strong mouth. Her teeth marks are ruining my tan pantyhose and she laughs at my foot pain. She scolds me for being condescending as her long fingernails point out the foot bite marks near my white toenails. She doesn't stop despite my moans and I'm hair grabbing her blonde ponytail to get revenge. We grapple on the floor, trying to put the other one into a submission hold for more toe bites. With our long legs intertwined, I get on top for lapsitting and putting her bare feet in my mouth. The Blonde Princess screams as I'm biting toes. She gets the strength to flip me off, and she looks at her tooth marks before we're wrestling again. I'm surprised by wrist biting so I'm biting wrists too. As a petite girl, she had to learn how to defend herself against bullies. Biting and hair pulling saved her ass! In a tribbing position, we're biting toes at the same time until we're struggling in different submission holds. I love ass sitting on her and toe gnawing her toe by toe as she cries and struggles beneath me. She's begging for mercy and wants to tap out sowe compare foot biting marks while bitch talking about our catfighting match. Send your custom video request to star at starbondmedia dot com Includes biting, toe fetish, wrestling, humiliation, pantyhose/stockings You may also enjoy: Toe biting Catfight Toe Biting Cat Fight OTHER KEYWORDS - biting fetish foot fetish foot domination foot humiliation catfights cat fights cat fighting female wrestling fantasy wrestling grappling female fights female fighting struggling moaning fetish pantyhose fetish verbal humiliation brat girls tall woman tall women blondes kink foot torment

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