Barbershop Orgasm

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7,021 5.0
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MattPi Feb 3 2017

That barbershop is actually a few blocks from my home. I tried passing by during your shoot but the windows were all boarded up. ;)

richk1 Jun 9 2017
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Jesse Jane delivers in Barbershop Orgasm. She is a hot sensuous seductive woman that brings new depth to her role as naughty receptionist. I will never go into a stylist again without think of this vid so I hope the cape they cover me with hides the bulge. Great vid Thanx I love it.

Badlander - Top reviewer Apr 1 2017
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Great video, very nice for some quick fun.

It starts of nicely with some setup and a really nice shot of Jesse's ass, nice to see it like that, the outfit works really good there.

Moving on the fun part of the video, the colour scheme works perfectly, with the red drawing the attention of the viewer, not that it is really needed, Jesse looks great on her own and puts on a good show, with the pacifier lollypop leaving behind some nice traces, most notably on her tongue.

The noise is on a good level too, it's definitely fun to listen to as well as watch it.

Overall, fun video, great for some quick enjoyment.

The barbershop is really quiet today so being the naughty receptionist that I am, I decide when everyone is out to lunch to use my time in the smartest way possible - by relaxing and making love to myself! I have a tasty ring pop that I've been sucking on all day so I decide to rub it up and down my clit and all over my pussy until I cum
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