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French / Paris
10:02 min - Feb 03 - .MPG - 1.75 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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For this video, I wanted to realize a personal fantasy. It's simple, it's to make me fully tie the pussy apart, and make me cum by squeezing my hand far into the pussy. Fantasy realized! The guy tied me and gagged as I wanted, then he began to gently finger me pussy and asshole taking care to drool me on. It was slowly pushing me up, but I like that ... Then he pulled out a bottle of oil and caressed me with the ass. He continued to fingering me, but more and more deeply, and with more and more fingers. Then he put the bottle in the ass and push very hard to fill the ass of this viscous oil. It was at this moment that I started to lose my head. While straightening my thighs, he fingered my ass at the same time that he sinking his hand deep into my pussy sprayed with oil, until I could do more. There go like a big nag ... until I wet and it splashes everywhere and the fluid flows from all my orifices. I was screaming, but of pleasure