Jane Doux's first debut

7,840 4.8
7,840 4.8
13:41 min - Feb 06 - .MP4 - 1.03 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Nomyyy Apr 27 2017

So glad you are back gorgeous, you are one of my faves! Love you!

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This is a masturbators delight. The dirty talk is perfect. The POV BJ gets it all off to a great start. Pristine says the right things at the right time is is just sexy as can be as she gets the viewer off, keeping in mind the visual need of the onlooker. Great work!

Dondawson76 Aug 19 2017
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Super fun and hot. Made me wet and cum multiple times

doc5482 Aug 1 2017
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Her body is to die for. Love her facial expressions, and the soles of her feet in this one!

Oopsalot Apr 29 2017
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Great first video! I look forward to many more amazing things from you. You are so gorgeous!

winwin2017 Apr 21 2017
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This is perfect.... Thanks to Babe Jane Doux... I feel like living in paradise after watching your debut video. can't wait for more.. Nothing except Love for this video <3 <3 <3 5+stars

After having changed my name from Pristine Edge to Jane Doux I finally created my very first naughty masturbation video. Jam packed with a blow job on my favorite dildo, fucked with my favorite two toys, and 2 full ankle jerking orgasms all for your pleasure...although, I could argue it was more for my own pleasure