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♡nude♡ outfit: black shorts, goth top♡ ❤TL;DR- rough sex, roleplay iffy consent, slapping, doggy style, creampie, face close up, party, fuck machine❤ "omg some creep is groping me at this party!!" that's what she's thinking, but she's too meek to speak up. She just pushes the hand away and then makes an excuse about needing to go to the restroom. You follow her in there, and when she protests you slap her and then shove your cock in her throat. Next you grab her by the hair and put her over the counter, she knocks a bunch of stuff over but you slam into her pussy again and again. she protests the whole time, and when she realizes you're gonna cum in her she really starts begging "no!! i'm not on birth control, i don't want this!!" dumbass, obviously that's just gonna make you cum faster!! You empty your balls deep in her cunt then leave, letting her deal with the mess!

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