PrettyxLikexDrugs Dick Gripping Audition


Steve Awesome

American / Texas
4:22 min - Jun 22 - .MP4 - 343.90 MB
Click here -- -- then click the pink GET MY 120+ VIDEOS button to get access to my ENTIRE porn stash for ONE FULL YEAR for just $39.99! Now, about this video: I met Pretty Blonde (also known as PLD or Pretty Like Drugz for whatever reason) on a modeling web site where she clued him me on her interest in shooting more erotic work. As any red-blooded American male would, I reacted with glee and jumped up and down and was super happy. This video is comprised of two shots intended as an intro to Pretty's solo girl video. Only a small 10 second portion of this 4 minute clip was used, but Pretty is so fucking cute and adorable wrangling my dick for the first time that I just had to publish the raw footage. Listen in as she goes over her lines and then performs them several times to my ultimate satisfaction -- all the while Pretty is on her knees and fully nude with a gorgeous unshaved bush just inches away. I clasped my hand against Pretty's perky little boobs as she recited her lines and the result was quite magical. There's even lines related to a 404 Page Not Found that I hoped to incorporate somewhere, but whatever. It's still hot! Rock on Miss Pretty -- you're the best