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Hot Pink Mini Love Doll Fuck

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Wearing a GoPro Hero3 camera mounted to his chest, Steve Awesome enters and immediately begins sampling the fine product produced by the folks of with his hand. His cock hardens quickly at the sight of the petite little wench in pink. Multiple viewports for watching a hard cock slide in and out of the accepting Mini Love Doll await the viewer. There's both a chest mounted camera so every penetration of Steve's dick into the Mini Love Doll is captured in high definition with great detail. Her tiny perky boobs taking the pounding nicely. Pressing his Mini Love Doll's head down and continuing to pound her sweet little ass, Steve grabs her hands and places them behind her back. Hmmm... if only he had a rope this could quickly turn into a bondage sex scene! Steve ultimately cannot contain his passion any longer and blows a huge load of cum all over the Mini Love Doll. After emptying his balls of cum and departing there's a quick reminder that you can purchase an equally charming replica of this tiny little doll from Try her out yourself

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