REM & RAM Work Together To "Help" You

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Lana Rain

American / NYC
138,669 5.0
15:23 min - Feb 09 - .MP4 - 1.19 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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LittleOralAndie Jun 24 2017

Clever!!! Love It! :)

lars06 May 12 2017

I appreciate the time and effort that goes into making these A-tier vids, but the prices are so prohibitive T_T

Gaberiella Feb 27 2017

Cool video, I also made a clone video like this, its tricky because you want to try and HIDE the video crop with a vertical line in the background. Cool concept tho and maybe ill revisit making a new one soon

lovesbrain Feb 22 2017

Ah! My Brain! it trembles!! This is one, seriously, AMAZING, video. Bravo Lana!! Such a clever way to get Rem Ram in one take. Super hot, if you haven't already purchased this, do it, you won't regret it <3

abdlpastel deleted Feb 20 2017

Wow this is amazing I look up to you! :) my Sensei~

Arikajira Feb 14 2017

I love your use of the split screen to bring this video to life! Amazing Preview!!

Hentailover18 Feb 13 2017

Re:zero perfect

JKatka Feb 12 2017


Keri Berry Feb 10 2017

It's $2.6/m($1.56 take) and you basically did 2 vids in one, plus tons of post and other character work. Price is fair IMO

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Doguemastiff - Top reviewer Feb 9 2017
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Now I can see why the price of this video was at its maximum 40 dollars. Doing 2 cosplays is not an easy thing to do considering how she had to act each one in unison. Plus, the amount of time and editing she had to do for each scene.

Now for the actual review. I really like this one. It basically a duo cosplay video. Even though you can see the split screen pretty clearly, it one of the most accurate I have seen so far. Though I haven't seen Re: Zero yet, I do appreciate how Lana is trying to capture the characters of the anime. It was well worth the time and effort, and I am sure anyone will get a joy out of this.

Infamous_czar - Top reviewer Feb 20 2017
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I love love Rem and Ram from an editing standpoint this is the best! The way Lana did it just feels like she's really there with her twin helping to cure us! It reached the max price for her A-tier videos but trust me it's worth every penny she did a crazy good job all around perfect video. Do yourself and her a favour and pick this video up!

always86 Feb 13 2017
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Firstly, well done Lana, this is great. I'm sure it must have taken a tonne of effort and planning. It shows. Although as the preveiw suggests the images don't quite line up for a first attempt I think this is amazing. I've given the video 5 stars since I think it's a really impressive proof of concept and the cosplay and role play are fantastic. That said I do have some constuctive criticism/ suggestions which is given in the hope Lana will work on something like this again soon, I've messaged these to her.

To conclude more Rem and Ram? Yes please. More Lana as other cosplay duos? I hope so.

Souleater20 Feb 11 2017
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love this vid the way she did this one is really amazing this one is a must buy for anyone that is a fan of rem and ram

RottenPines Aug 15 2017
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This video was just perfect. Incredibly creative and very sexy. The back and forth between the two characters was fun, and the bouncing back and forth near the end made everything more intense. Nothing but praise for this excellent video!

EtherWei Mar 6 2017
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Amazing cosplay!
Thanks LanaRain for creating a good night for me!
Love your tits and butts! :)

Voiceless - Top reviewer Feb 27 2017
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Absolutely amazing video!! Great concept and I'm sure it was a challenge to put together but came out perfect! Hands down one of the best!

lovesbrain - Top reviewer Feb 22 2017
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Ah... Ah...Ah! My Brain! it trembles!! This seriously AMAZING video deserves a lot of credit. The take is done in such a clever way to get Rem Ram in one take. Anyone who views this video will be taken to heaven by Roswals servants. Super hot thinking of getting serviced by another's maid. if you haven't already purchased this, do yourself thte favor, you won't regret it <3

A-Tier][1080p][60FPS][Cosplay][Plot][Role Play][Camera Effects] Rem and Ram find you laying on the ground in the middle of the forest and bring you back to their mansion to help you out. They found out you're "cursed" and tell you there's "only one way to remove the curse"... |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| This took several days to film since I had to time and juggle the two cosplays with my camming streams and coordinate for the best possible time with my cosplays/get ups for Youtube as well but in the end this ended up being extremely fun to do. It was definitely a new approach but I hope you guys like it! ||||||||||||||| Due to the amount of work and effort put into this and since I've never done this ambitious approach before, this marks as the first A-Tier that reaches the maximum price cap for A-Tiers that I had detailed in my Tier List info box for you guys last year. I hope you guys think the price is fair so let me know