Long And Intense Fuck Fest

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Lena Paul

American / Florida
13,032 5.0
50:19 min - Feb 10 - .MP4 - 1.87 GB

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Very super video

Me gustaría verte tan feliz

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I had extremely high expectations for this video since its Lena, and they were greatly exceeded. You can really tell how much she enjoys getting fucked by her man, very hot and passionate video.

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I literally never leave reviews cuz I'm a lazy fuck but omfg, this is an amazing video. Their chemistry is amazing

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A 50 minute fuckfest you will not soon forget!!! This one rocks!!

Unlucky Ninja - Top reviewer Sep 17
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Another insanely hot, real sex tape

gamil626 Jul 29
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This video is hot, hot, hot. Amazing couple. very good video quality and sex scenes of almost all kinds. a smooth transition from one sex scene to another which makes it very natural sex and not forced once like many big companies do. Both are great. She is in my opinion the greatest sex star of all. She is not only extremely hot and sex and beautiful but she compels you in a nice and natural way to be part of the scene.
The way she looks and longs for sex and the nice talk and smile has no match and gets you to enjoy the scenes a lot.
There are many good sex stars. But Lena is very special and you will enjoy her sex appeal at once. I love you Lena. you are a blessing and thank you for this nice video.

So frequently in porn, I have sex with a goal. "Let's do a tit worship video!" "Let's do a bondage shoot!" So rarely do I just let loose and fuck however I want to, and this video is one of these occasions. Watch me fuck my partner, make love to my partner, and cum over and over again -- there's no agenda, there's no posing or faking, just real 100% honest fucking. I LOVED making this video, I was physically shaking afterwards from all of the orgasms. Included in the vid are: LOTS of BJ action (it's honestly an obsession of mine), plenty of ass-bouncing doggy and titty bouncing reverse cowgirl. Intense eye contact. Real female orgasms, cowgirl. Any and everything you could want