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Tourist Trap Spanish GTS Vore

2k Views · mar 20, 2022
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Starring Nerea Falco, a Collaboration with Rated Raw Pictures MEGA Link: with subtitles - without subtitles - "An American tourist finds himself lost in the streets of Barcelona and seeks directions from a seemingly innocuous local girl. Unfortunately, the speech barrier doesn't help him much, and the mysterious Nerea starts taking a special interest in him..." This project was made in collaboration with Rated Raw Pictures (@RRawPictures)! If you're unfamiliar, they shoot some of the best size related film in the scene, thanks to their eye for framing, composition, and their exciting ideas. We connected a while back and came up with an arrangement to do an art/customs trade of sorts. I do sound and direct the voice acting in one his projects, he shoots one of my scripts. If you haven't seen his side of the trade around, check it out on their web stores! Not sure if Patreon will let me post those links here, but you can surely find it on their twitter using their handle above! ^^^^ Big thanks to @NereaFalco for the stunningly alluring performance, and to @VanityCainVA for trying something new and playing a tiny American falling down the food chain, and a big thanks to you all for sticking with us for the best week of the year!

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