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The Best Way to Start the Day GTS Vore

2k Views · mar 20, 2022
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"A young borrower girl has been surviving in the woman named Hasmik's house for some time, and has taking great care to stay vigilant and meticulously plan her scavenging expeditions around the towering human woman's schedule. Unfortunately, on her latest outing, she fails to factor in the possibility of her host waking up earlier than usual, and finding her in the her cupboard, just in time for breakfast..." This video represents somewhat of a return to form in the best way possible, with one of our loveliest new friends, @GoddessHasmik, starring in this simple yet evocative film, on top of a phenomenal performance by @AmeAfterDark as the tiny borrower girl. Go check them out on twitter, as well as @mr_modicum for his always game-changing internals and Source Size Shenanigans/@Agent_Uric for his always on point quality assurance. Here are their respective links here, though you can still use their handles above to find them on twitter too: @GoddessHasmik = @AmeAfterDark = Source Size Shenanigans = If you'd like to see more, or have access to higher resolution cuts of our videos, support us at, and follow as on Twitter here:

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