Stranger Hookup #2 - Pounded


Amy Day

American / USA
21:39 min - Jun 08 - .MP4 - 1,009.11 MB - 960x720 HD


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Caliborn86 Oct 19 2017

This a real stranger or role play?

Amy Day Oct 19 2017

I am a swinger in a open relationship, the strangers you see in my videos are all very real.. My sig other sets them up for me and I just take care of it when I open the door... :x

lallen75 Jul 15 2017

I absolutely love this video. Amy is the best.

Amy Day Oct 19 2017

Thank you! <3

Similar to the stranger sent to my door previously, we browsed the swinger sites after feeling a little tipsy and horny to find a good prospect to come over and get right to it. Some nice gagging, fucking, and a huge cumshot. Enjoy! Note, this was accidentally taken in SD, but a fixed voyeur type view so it's fitting