When Daddy Isn't Home-4K

12:28 min - Feb 19 - .MP4 - 1.83 GB - 3840x2160 HD


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Daddy is out and I'm feeling horny. I just want Daddy to fuck me but he isn't home, so I do all the things that Daddy loves! Like playing with the toys he bought me and putting in my plug and sucking on my paci like he loves (although I put it where it doesn't belong this time). Although, that's not going to get me out of Daddy's punishment when I tell him how bad I've been later. 4K ultra HD 12:27. This is a full dd/lg roleplay video, there are close ups, lots of different angles, buttplug insertion, and the use of a pacifier. There is some talking and thought dialog. I do cum in this video
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