Swimsuit Orgasm

176 5.0

Katy Churchill

Canadian / Vancouver BC
176 5.0
10:35 min - Feb 23 - .MP4 - 571.18 MB


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mecho11 - Top reviewer Apr 26
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Outstanding female pleasure with Katy tightly packed into her suit. Her ORGASM is wonderful and she is really good at using her Hitachi. Video is well framed so her body nicely fills the frame, but contrast is low so maybe she will re-do a swimsuit/Hitachi show with her new camera. Lovely orgasm here!

Stormblast - Top reviewer Dec 29
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A beautiful lady with a beautiful swimsuit and with the help of the Hitachi make this video simply amazing.

I wiggle my way into my tight, smooth, black and blue one piece swim suit, teasing you (and also myself!) by running my hands all over my body. I spread my legs and tease my pussy through the silky fabric before taking my Magic Wand and buzzing my way to orgasm! I talk dirty to you as I masturbate, grabbing and squeezing my soft, sexy curves. Finally I pull my suit to the side to show you how wet my hairy pussy is after so much swimsuit fun