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Bupshi - latex and Louboutin heel gag



Russian / Austria
10:28 min - Feb 23 - .MP4 - 314.92 MB


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I love my super arched Louboutin Hot Chick heels. It would be a pity to only wear them on my legs. So in this clip you can watch me utilizing them in other ways. I wear a short black latex dress with a latex waist cincher, my black latex mask, a leather collar and my black patent ballet booties.One of the Louboutins I attach to my special leather strap to create a mouth gag for me. I push the toe box of the heel deep into my mouth and secure it tight with the leather strap. Being gaged like that makes me so hot, that I have to take the other shoe for stimulating and filling my pussy. Watch me having a great Louboutin orgasm. One of my Louboutin Hot Chick heels is now personalized with my dental chart