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Parents Pimp Daughter to Loan Shark

6k Views · apr 28, 2022
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Mena Carlise is really feeling the pressure from her parents to help out with the bills. When she finds out that they have a 50 K debt with @SirGeeWhiz ! So she finds out where he lives and decides to pay him a visit to plead for their lives. When she shows up her mom has taught her some special dick tricks to use. Mena tells the bad man that she's going to help change his mind. She drops down and yanks Gee Whizz meaty member out of his pants and gets to work. It's quite a sight to see all the saliva gush from the back of her throat down his balls. Her beautiful eyes look up desperately she keeps on gulping. He then decides to stretch her pussy out. Gee is taking his strokes slowly inside of her tight little box. He can't help but pre-cum a few times but he quickly puts it back in and keeps going like a champ. If you watch close you'll see about three or four loads drip down her leg while he's pumping her full of payment. Then right when he pounds her into a blissful mess, and she cums a few times here tells her to get down and open up so he can feel her mouth all about it creamy concoction. You're not gonna want to miss the ending on how Gee breaks the news to her about payment #BreakHerIn

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Cmc211 @Cmc211Feb 28
The sound isn't synced up during the 2nd half of the video