2B Captured By A Sentient Fuck Machine

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Lana Rain

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MAY and NYCK Jul 8 2017

;)lol good video(Y))

outoflove Apr 13 2017

sound like you got fucked by a printer with a dick, very amusing. haha

mikejd84 Apr 8 2017

i love see hot little girls cum

LatoLiyas Apr 1 2017


XbmanX2016 Apr 1 2017

It won't let me purchase I don't know what's going on

Nice gas 27 Mar 27 2017

Just beautiful 😘

TMKCCP Mar 3 2017

So now, Im into debating with myself whether I should buy the game, or this ... T_T

needax21 deleted Mar 5 2017

Do both

Lana Rain Mar 8 2017

The game (:

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Doguemastiff - Top reviewer Mar 2 2017
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The glory of Mankind....has fallen for sex. Lana has me hooked to try out NieR more than ever, and was eagerly waiting for a video. And she delivers. As expected from 2B, her resistance at the start fits her personality at best. Also. One of her best designed cosplay and do like how you kept her visor on the entire video. I really enjoyed this and any fans of Lana and/or Drakengard/NieR will enjoy this. <3

Selvius Mar 19 2017
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Nothing short of Amazing. Beautiful Cosplay, the outfit being really well made. The acting is also really well done, the speech and the text included add to the quality, which is what really makes it stand out. Of course this wouldn't really be possible without the beautiful cosplayer herself. She is perfect for the role, in my opinion the best cosplayer for
2B, seeing as she is passionate about the series as well. Hopefully she continues providing us with great entertainment.

shadow000 Mar 2 2017
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Lana has really been hyping up the NieRAutomata game and it's lead character 2B on twitter by retweeting some very sexy artwork of 2B. It did make me wonder how the video would turn out for the 2B cosplay and what theme it would go for. I must say i was hoping that it would be a bondage video and it is very much one (though it is light as the bindings are cables but it fits the story). The dirty inner thoughts text added to what was already a hot scene of 2B at the mercy of a machine.

I hope this is one of a few 2B cosplay videos Lana, you have turned me into a 2B fan single handedly.

Lana Rain Mar 3 2017

Aww thank you! I I'm happy I made you into a 2B fan, I love supporting Yoko Taro's creations. I think she's the least of my favorites out of the main protagnists though. Also really happy you caught on to the usage of cables for relevance, I was wondering how that would be perceived or if it would be lost in translation.

This type of plot, with the little bit of bondage was definitely one of the few ways I could go with 2B (for now and this time around) while keeping as applicable to the NieR/Drakengard world and her personality as much as I could.

It's a funny coincidence you mention hoping its just one of a few, because I've planned for a sequel long before I made this one in the form of a B-Tier :)

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This is a great video. There's a lot of text dirty talk and an overall mesmerism/control vibe to the video which I think adds a lot. The costume is hot and the performance is as well.

BeastMonkey Sep 4 2017
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This cosplay is on point and she really captures the persona of 2B herself.

RottenPines Jul 29 2017
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An perfect video for lovers of submission and dirty talk. Watching Lana Rain play a dominating character forced into such a submissive role is very exciting, especially when she begins to give into her captor. You need to buy this video!

Ethereal1 deleted Apr 12 2017
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Well-scripted, excellent acting made me watching this over and over again. Can' get enough

IDTheftVictim Apr 3 2017
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A fantastic passion project, raises the bar on what five star should mean.

Chriskat1222 Mar 31 2017
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Enjoyed every second of this video totally worth it

Berkaelzar Mar 26 2017
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Seriously... this obsession with Nier:Automata made buy a goddamn porno for 37 bucks >_< Oh well, it's a curious way to support a content creator haha. There was no anal, but the dirty talking made up for it. Keep it up, girl.

AkiraLight Mar 23 2017
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My 1st ever vid that i bought and i enjoyed so much

734950691 Mar 22 2017
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It's great! I love it! And I'm sorry about those who gets your videos without paying. Looking forward to your future works!

XXXGirl Mar 22 2017
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Another awesome cosplay video!! I love Lana's various cosplay videos, and was going to buy this one before I got the game, but as it just so happens I got the game first. Which makes this video even hotter, as not only does Lana make a sexy-as-hell 2B, but the story in this video is easily imaginable in a more official sense. Also... the machine sounds as the machine fucks her have never been more justified :P The "dirty talk" is both accurate to the character, and subjectively sexy. Overall, if you loved Lana's cosplay in the past, and like/love 2B in the recent NeiR game... then this is something you gotta check out <3

Shadow2968 Mar 20 2017
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So far I love Nier and after I found out you made a 2B video, my enthusiasm exploded. Thank you for being sex, and thank you for having a nice ass!

porkdog - Top reviewer Mar 11 2017
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I've never bought a Lana vid until now. I bought the new NieR game and I'll consider this its DLC. ;P Plus I love a woman in boots.

Voiceless - Top reviewer Mar 8 2017
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So awesome to see a NieR video! Loved the text dirty talk and Lana makes for a super hot 2B!

jedmofo Mar 8 2017
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Amazing video, one of the best Lana has done so far. I love it!

yuanrem Mar 5 2017
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The best fanfic show I've ever seen,
I love its word

KiraShinryu Mar 3 2017
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I have never seen a more perfect cosplay of 2B! I love all of Lana's videos but this blew me away

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The machine spirits are gonna be happy with this flick as much as I am, especially your portrayal of 2B, I hope we get to see more of 2B in your future videos.

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Great video lana, i love nier and all of yoko taros work, and i felt you did a really sexy version of 2b but i would have loved for this to have been cheaper, you are very attractive and this video is great, but its definitely not worth 35 bucks, no porn is worth that much, sorry lana but it just isnt worth the price tag, i would have much rather this have been 2 dollars or free with ad revenue, you would gain more fame and more money in the long run cuz you deserve it, just a thought

A-Tier][FullHD][60FPS][Plot][Role Play][Cosplay] YoRHa Unit Type B Model 2 is sent to investigate the MIA status of several other YoRHa units. Will her logic and strength of will fortify her as the person she believes she is, or will she find out first hand the truth to those disappearances? |||||||||||||||||||| This video has THE MOST text dirty talk out of ALL of my videos. As many of you should know by now, I'm a HUGE NieR and Drakengard fan. I absolutely love Yoko Taro's works and NieR Automata just came out in Japan and has just released in the west so promoting my favorite game franchise of all time is a very dear passion of mine! I hope I've made some NieR fans out of some of you, and if not yet, I hope this video does. |||||||||||||||||| For Part 2 of this video, I made a B-Tier called "2B Of NieR Automata Gets Face Fucked" released recently