Fun with a Philly BBC Fan

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American / Kentucky
994 5.0
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JAHMON - Top reviewer Apr 15
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The Legend herself,with a fan?? You kidding me???!!! Could this be me some day? Ha,only in my dreams... Enjoyable vid for the most part. Wendy is Incredibly beautiful as always. And gave him the experience of a lifetime. My problem is with the fan. Who lacked the excitement and enthusiasm he should've had. To even be in the presence of a Goddess!! I would've be oozing childlike joy! I'd kiss,suck and worship every single inch of Wendy. And I'd do any and everything in my power to please her. If ever given the chance I'd show him how it SHOULD be done. Nevertheless that Wendy gives her fans this chance just further proves why she's in a league All her own. Truly One in a million.

Thank you for the review :)  KISSES