Valentine Game of Chance Version 2


Idelsy Love

Cuban / Las Vegas, NV
15:37 min - Mar 05 - .MP4 - 854.18 MB


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In one of these clips, you get permission to cum, the other you get left with blue balls. You have a 50% chance to cum so good for me, will you be lucky in love? For Valentine's, I'm wearing a sexy pink and black bra and panty set. I treat you to my addicting stroke and denial technique for 15 minutes of jerking ecstasy. I may let you cum or not... You get some serious sexy angles, intense eye contact as I instruct you to jerk, then stop, then stroke... I work you up until you're aching and begging for release... you may get the most explosive orgasm or the most painful blue balls. Will play my delicious and torturous game of chance? Don't forget to send me a Valentine's Day tribute