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Cuckold Fantasy w/ Fierce


Princess Fierce

American / Fiji
12:05 min - Mar 06 - .MP4 - 597.23 MB


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From the moment we were married you knew our relationship was based on being able to provide me with a certain lifestyle. You've always known I was out of your league. But, you agreed to my terms in our marriage: No sex, Luxury, and Cuckolding. You recently started working from home and I must be honest, I've been seeing someone more frequently than you realized. I'm going to sensually explain to you what is soon going to take place daily. You'll come to this room and watch him pleasure me...You'll be rewarded with stroking when I see fit...You will lay your lips on my ass before he enters me in my favorite position...But, that is not all hubby. After he cums in me, I will spread my legs and....This clip contains elements of cuckold, femdom pov, femdom, cheating wife, horny wife, fantasy, verbal fantasy, femdom goddess, financial domination, role play, sensual domination, mesmerize