Daughter Cuff Fucked by Dominant D

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292 5.0
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I thought this would just be about the bondage, and Daddy's little girl looks really sexy with cuffs on. This is a really nice and erotic scene. She is so very submissive, it breaks my heart that littles like her are so rare.

But when he starts talking about what he'd like to do with her, sharing his hot little bitch at a party, having her serving lots of other men, it really goes up to another level.

If you've enjoyed their other videos then you know what you're here for. Enjoy.

FFeZine Oct 31

Oh man that was so cool Happy Halloween

Daughter cuffed and fucked by 'Dominant Daddy' and what better way to enjoy her younger fresh soft body, that tight little ass of hers, her slim smooth thighs and her wet pink pussy. You know it's always ready for some 'Daddy' cock, you can tell from how wet she is and how she cums. and cums on old cock. Yes indeed cuffed and fucked is a good way to train her, she can pretend she doesn't want it, but has to take it, but we know the dirty little bitch craves it really, younger girls like that are always ready for it and this one preferes the older 'Daddy' types. Clearly she's not really 'my' daughter, but she must be somebodies so lets all enjoy the older cock loving little slut for what she is, a lovely piece of cock meat, cuffed for fucking