Daddy's Girl

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YOUNG SCHOOLGIRL, ALICE IS CAUGHT MASTURBATING....BY HER FATHER!!! TO GET OUT OF BEING GROUNDED....SHE JERKS HIS BIG BONER...MAKING HIM CUM ALL OVER HER!!! Young Alice is home alone (or so She thinks....) in Her Room....furiously Masturbating!!! To Her horror....Her Dad accidentally walks in on Her....catching Her in the Act!!! Dad is angry with Alice, as both Mom & Dad have asked Alice NOT to engage in this type of sexual activity. Alice's Dad puts Her over his knee and gives Her a Spanking....but as She cries, and struggles to get away from the Spanking....Alice notices that Her Dad seems to have an erection! When Dad finishes Spanking Alice....he tells Her that She is Grounded for two weeks!! Alice does NOT want to be Grounded for two weeks....She would miss the Dance at She has to think fast....before Mom gets home. Alice confronts Her Dad about the inappropriate erection he had while Spanking Her.....and tells him that She can "take care" of his painful exchange for reversing Her Grounding. Before Her Dad can argue...Alice quickly gets his pants off and attacks his Boner!! Alice makes Her Father ejaculate all over Her young Tits. Dad tells Alice to get dressed and do the Dishes before Mom gets home....but Alice has an idea....She'll Jerk-Off Her Brother....and get him to do the Dishes
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