Freebie Tuesday

panty stuffing and squirt [***]


Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
17:56 min - Mar 06 - .WMV - 1.05 GB - 1440x1080 HD

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I have to admit I'm such a kinky freak. I bought this sexy new pair of pink and black lacy panties and couldn't wait to show you how I look in them. My bush just peeking around the edges, the sexy thong in the back. I shake and jiggle my ass for you. Making your dick rock hard. In fact I'm starting to get turned on myself. I pull on the panties relishing the way it tugs on my sensitive pussy lips. I love to tease us until we are both hot and bothered. Feeling the lace rub up against me has made my pussy so creamy. I can't wait anymore, I want to smell my panties and breathe in deep the smell of my pussy. I smell and lick my panties and show off to you just how wet I am. I want my panties to be as wet as my pussy is. I starting rubbing my clit with them, before shoving them deep inside my hungry cunt. I tease myself pulling them in and slowly giving you a super close up. I love the way they fill me up ,its going to make me cum so hard! I squirt all over them, drenching them In my cum. I'm still so horny though! As I glance down I see another hole I can shove my drippy panties into. I play and tease my asshole, before stuffing them inside my butthole. It feels so good I want to cum again! I play with my clit while my panties are still inside me and have another squirting orgasm! Now most girls would stop after having such a good cum. But I like to squirt a lot, and I'm feeling really naughty. I take my panties and lick and suck all my loves juices and explain that I want to squirt again, and this time I'm going to cum in a glass and then sallow it! Enjoy lots of extreme closeups, panty play and dirty talk