Whitney Morgan peeing tight jeans pee



Canadian / Las Vegas
9:22 min - Mar 07 - .WMV - 295.11 MB - 1280x720 HD


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Sexy fetish model Whitney Morgan is an expert pants pissing girl when she gets locked out again!! This time in stretchy tight jeans and denim Keds with pale pink panties underneath. Lots of walking, frantic pee pee dancing, some sitting desperation before her knees knock together and she starts wetting her tight denim down the back! She manages to stop the flow for a minute before she keeps pissing her jeans & this time a lot goes down the front of her jeans and gets onto her shoes too! It's a nice frantic wetting with great facial expressions closeups, lots of different angles and she verbalizes her full bladder plight very nicely, describing all the emotions and feelings of almost letting go but holding on! She even starts crying after she has her full pee accident in her pants, LOL. Cute behind the scenes where she peels off her pants and shows the wet shoes too in this real female pee desperation jeans wetting video