Spandex Tied and Twerked


Lacy Luck

American / USA
12:20 min - Mar 07 - .MP4 - 458.67 MB


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This is a custom order video. No names are used so everyone can join the fantasy. "The Twerking Teacher" We start with a POV shot from someone hiding in a bedroom. On the bed are a tight black sweater and red spandex leggings. You enter the room, unaware that you are being watched. You are dressed in a professional outfit as you have just come home from your teaching job. You are wearing glasses and your hair is tied in a bun. However, you remove your glasses and take you hair out of the bun, tossing it as it falls down your back (think a rock music video). You then proceed to remove your clothes, stopping briefly to play with your breasts. You then put on the shirt and squeeze into the spandex. You then look up and notice the individual watching you. It is a younger student with whom you have been having a rather naughty relationship. You remark that he kind of scared you, but then again you did know he had a key and was told to visit after school. You say that he probably thinks since his parents are out of town for the weekend he can stay for a weekend of fun with you. Sadly, that is not the case. You are telling him that you have to split up with him. That there is too big an age difference and if anyone found out you would be fired, and most likely sent to jail so you could never see him again. While you talk about this you are doing lots of stuff that requires bending over(cleaning, kind of wiggling your butt as you do stuff, inadvertently of course). You talk but all he can do is gaze at your spandex clad butt; he is hearing nothing you say. He is transfixed, but has a plan. Cut to a shot of you standing with your hands tied behind your back. You remark that this surprises you and that you didn't think he could be this kinky. You are impressed. You say that while he is starting to turn you on, the age difference is too much. You say he is a good science student (the class where you taught him) and he needs to concentrate on inventing stuff. You are standing next to a chair as you talk. You notice his eyes keep going from you to the chair. You ask what he has planned next. You are now standing with your hands tied to the arm rests of the chair (facing the seat area). Your spandex butt is sticking up in the air. You remark that this is inappropriate behavior for him, and demand that he release you. It started out fun but is now getting creepy. You struggle to free yourself but all this really does is cause your butt to wiggle. You look back at him and ask what he's doing pointing remote at you. He reveals that this is an invention he made for you. You ask what it does. He presses a button and you begin to twerk. You look back helplessly as your red shiny ass shakes. You demand he stop, but instead he makes you twerk harder. He eventually stops, you stand there breathing heavy, worn out from the experience. You look up at him with a lustful face. You say you think you may have it in you for one more fling, and lick your lips. You say he knows what to do. The camera ends on a shot of your red spandex ass, waiting for him to take the next logical step