Ainsley sploshes before her EDC trip



American / Arizona
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Ainsley and I got together before edc to make another cake mess and came up with some amazing results! Her head was freshly shaved on the sides and looked amazing! After a little bit of precake chatter, she strips down and straddles the cake, sitting in it and squashing the cake with her girl parts. Turning around so we can see her magnificent ass, she squishes even more cake, and then sets in on the frosting. She covers herself head to toe in the stuff while the sun reflects off of her short hair. She next kneels in the cake and eats handful after handful stuffing her face with sweetness. The whipped cream comes out next and she coats her tall slender figure in the whipped white goop just before grabbing some pink sprinkles that add to the sparkles. She turns around for a rear view, her ass already covered in frosting. Turning around she gets more coverage going and then moves on to some bright pink sugar sprinkles which reflect nicely in the sun. Blue and purple sprinkles are next, first on her chest, and then over her soft cheeks. Once we've exhausted the sprinkles, she moves on to pudding, pulling out lumps of the vanilla stuff and covering herself with it. Pudding makes some bizarre splorching noises as it coasts off her body and smacks to the ground. Pudding ends up plastered between her buns, and then all over her ass and hips. Whipped cream makes the scene as she sprays herself, first in front, then from behind. Now we have whipped cream being sprayed up and down her chest and over her legs. Theres a bit of cake left that hasn't yet been destroyed, so she picks it up and eats what remains, and then smashes it on her ass and legs. Finally, cupcake time has come, so I have her get on her knees while I take aim. The first lands square on her ass, and then I really begin the cupcake attack. A few of them land perfectly between her cheeks, frosting sticking in place and slowly dripping off. Changing things up a little bit for this shoot, I decide to smash a pie into her ass instead of on her face, and I thrust it upwards onto her amazing rear end.Paying some tribute to the feet fans who enjoy my work, I have her spend some time stepping in the remains of the pie and cake, smashing it between her toes. Getting ready to wrap things up, I pour some sweetened condensed milk over her ass, dripping it all over. I end the shoot in the messyhot tradition and deliver a frosting facial, this time with blue, and coat her beautiful mouth and cheeks with the frosting we jokingly describe as looking like smurf cum