Genie in the 420 Penis Pipe


Blazed Studios

American / Tampa
13:25 min - Mar 07 - .MP4 - 402.69 MB


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Vanessa Cage loves living in LA and had a great time at Hempcon. Now she's ready to chill and smoke out. She tries out her new IV-Gen hose and rips a huge hit off her bong. After getting in the right frame of mind she looks through her 420times and sees an ad for a Magic Penis Pipe. "I wish I had a magic penis pipe." she says. Vanessa closes the magazine and is surprised to see the penis pipe in front of her. She picks it up and reads the writing on the side, "Take a hit and I will see a big fat cock in front of me." She giggles and rips a hit off the penis pipe. Moments later she is surprised to see a naked genie with a big fat cock standing in her room. Startled she asks why he's there. "You sucked on the pipe and made me appear. For a blowjob." he tells her. High and horny she tells him to lie down and starts giving her magical friend head. Still feeling the effects of hitting the penis pipe, Vanessa is a little slow at first sucking his thick cock. The genie asks her to suck it harder and she gags shoving it deep in her 19yr old throat. This young little stoner slut shows the big fat cock genie that she knows how to suck a dick. He pulls his cock out of her mouth and shoots his magical cum all over her face. Vanessa can't wait to see what happens the next time she sucks on the genie's pipe