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Emmas Secret Life

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arrow2ken - Top reviewer Mar 26
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In this video, Emma is the roommate that will not only steal your last soda from the refrigerator but take your boyfriends. In the is cleverly crafted tale Emma uses her seductive powers to ensure her roommates boyfriends cock is deeply buried inside.

Haha! Thank you so much! 😘

MarcB1011 - Top reviewer Mar 7
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My previous review got cut off. It happens sometimes when using a tablet. Anyway...

Emma does some of the best virtual sex videos. She looked so pretty in that dress. She's very much the seductress in this video as she seduces her girlfriend's boyfriend. She uses all her charms to seduce him. Her beautiful large natural breasts, and then her sexy petite body. She begins with a BJ before she begins to ride him with plenty of dirty talk. She rides him until they both cum, ending with a cream pie.

A great virtual view of those beautiful nipples and breasts...

Thanks so much! 😘

This is a custom clip and I can make one for you too! Just email me at or send me a PM) Scenario: You're roommates with my girlfriend. I slept over, she’s gone to work, I decided to just stay until she gets back because we’ll be going out later. You wake up from your room and walk into the living room, start up a convo and then proceed to seduce and fuck me. “Oh hey, you’re up, did your girlfriend leave? “She’s a busy girl. Are you just gonna stay here and wait for her?” “Do you mind me hanging out here with you?” (uh, no not at all, this is your living room lol) “Cool… :)” You can talk casually about whatever topic you want here “Hey, can I ask you a question? (Mm, sure) She’s my friend so I gotta keep tabs on her boyfriend you know… would you ever cheat on her?” (What? No, of course not.) “So you’ve never thought about it? Never thought another girl looked better?” (Nope) “Not even me?” (What?) “All these times you’ve been over here, you’ve never thought of me… or pictured me naked? (…) It’s okay, lol I won’t tell your girlfriend.” (I don’t know what to say to you.) “I just want you to answer honestly :)” (You’re gonna get me in trouble) “So you have, right? I’ve thought about you… I get a little jealous sometimes when I see you two cuddling on the couch… thinking about what I’d do to you… I can show you..” (I’m getting uncomfortable) “Settle down, it’s okay. ;)” You lower the top of your dress and flash your tits. “Do you like my body?” (…..) You turn around, bend, and lift the dress up to reveal your ass. “Don’t be mean.. answer me..” (Yes) “Do you wanna see more?” (….) You pull your panties to the side to reveal your pussy. Spread your ass to reveal a better look. "I can see you getting hard.. Show me it" (What, no) “It’s not a big deal :) just take it out.” You grab the dick out, stroke it. “You’re so hard, I love it. She left you this morning without giving you a proper goodbye huh? Don’t you need to cum?” Lick and suck the tip. Back up, take your panties off and slip them over the dick. Lift your dress and close up on your pussy. "Do you like my pussy?" Play with yourself, slip a finger or two in and taste yourself. Now remove your dress completely, but keep your socks on. Rub the tip of the dick on your pussy. With the tip of the dick pressed against your pussy in a cowgirl position, “I thought you said you’d never cheat on her..? Do you want to do this? I wanna hear you say it... Tell me you want it.” (I want it) “Tell me you need it.” (I need it) "Good boy" Start fucking the dick. Moan, adlib, whatever during. :) Towards the end “Are you gonna cum baby?” (Yeah) “I want you to cum inside me” Ride faster til climax. End with variations of “Cum inside me” "I want your cum" "Cum deep inside my pussy baby" etc. Slow it down, get off and do pussy close-up after the creampie. (Fuck, you made me cum inside you!) “Shhhh, it’s okay... That felt so good. Didn’t it feel good to cum inside? ;) She’s told me that she hasn’t let you cum inside before. Don't worry I won't tell her anything.” As you’re walking away "You can keep my panties… as a reminder of me.&quot