Girlfriend Needs Something More



American / Fetish Land
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I love you, baby. I love all the good times we have together. You're terrific. There's just something on my mind... something I've been thinking about... something I'm missing... I'm thinking that I need something to FILL me up better. I need something a little more... fulfilling. I want to go out... I want you to let me go out, and find something BIG. Maybe 9 or 10 inches. I know, I know, it's hard to just know how big someone is, but I think I could eventually find them through process of elimination. It would really get me ready to settle down and be totally committed. I need something bigger, fuller. I bought this toy... he's about 9.5 inches. This really may hurt, I don't know... I've never had something so big. I wanted to try it out though, so I can be prepared for something in real life. Watch me