Pantyhose Amputee Leg Stump Wheelchair

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A hot blonde amputee is sitting in her wheelchair and talking about the new job she just got as a secretary. She has one leg that is completely gone, which is evident by the way here pantyhose just hang off her leg stump. The other leg is gimpy and doesn't move at all. She is so excited about it the new job and she can't be still. She moves all about and then starts to talk about her amputated leg and her other gimpy leg. She knows she'll have to go through a transition stage where she will have to tell everyone about her gimpy leg and her amputee status, but then it will be smooth sailing. In fact, her stump has allowed her to get plenty of attention, and action. She talks about how guys like to rub their cocks on her leg stump and even talks about how a chick got off on it once. She then starts to wonder about her new work environment. Will there be carpet or hard floors? She also wants to make sure she'll have the kind of handicap access she needs. She is sure she will manage just fine and then she starts to wonder if she might meet a guy at her new job. The whole time she is talking she is wheeling around in her wheelchair. There are also plenty of close ups of her stump and her gimpy leg. She moves about so fast that she almost runs over her own gimpy leg at one point. She is excited to meet all her new coworkers. She thinks she might have some fun with them and have them all go out and then have those who are willing do body shots off her leg stump. She knows how to have fun with her stump and being an amputee will not slow her down. Her attitude is upbeat and she is ready to start her new job, without setting any limitations due to her being in a wheelchair and an amputee. Included in this clip: Amputee, Wheelchair, Handicap, Gimpy Leg, Dirty Talk, Leg Stump, Pantyhose, Business Suit, Hot Amputee, Blonde Amputee, Blondes
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