Ivy Adams
Freebie Tuesday

She Knows What You're Thinking



American / Fetish Land
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Baby, you have a lot of fun with me in bed. I love our night time snuggles, the sexy spooning we have just before... mmm... I know you have side thoughts though, just like anybody would. For me, I think about how I know when I flip over, you'll be ride behind me... with that throbbing... hard... cock... You love it, don't you? You love that feeling of your soft cock against my ass. You rub up against me, slipping my panties to the side before you slide inside... wet... You're thinking so much about that cock on you, how hard it gets against my body. You grip it, wanting to feel that tightness between your fingers, that solid piece of sex in your hand. You think about my pussy, but mostly... you're thinking... you want that cock... inside... that feeling... mmm