Panty Education with Mom



American / Fetish Land
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Listen sweetheart, I need to be honest with you here. I want to help. You are terrible at being a little sneaky panty sniffer. Seriously, it's just so obvious. It takes away from the excitement when you're caught, I would think. I mean, if you really want to get the scent of a woman, you need to sneak off with them and have some... time to yourself, to really absorb her. Let me show you some panties, and talk to you about what certain panties can mean. Okay, so these are white... virgin girl! Or if not a virgin, she honestly thinks she's such a darling, so sweet and innocent. These panties will be pretty clean, but you can catch a soft scent if you really sniff the crotch... mmmm. Black panties - she's fucking. You'll probably get several smells here. Maybe a perfume? You may smell her cum, AND the cum of her partner. Loads of cum in this, it's a mixed bag. Smell it all over... mmmmmm... really get your face in these. They'll reek! Boy shorts... or full back panties... "comfy" panties... these will smell like a sweaty chick who is on her p3riod and wants to lay in bed all day. If you want to KNOW a woman, this will give you a good... mmmmm... indicator. What about mine? Let me show you mine, and tell you what my panties say about me