Sister Babysits You As She Was



American / Fetish Land
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So... Mom and Dad have finally agreed to let me be your babysitter. That means you have to listen to me. I am the boss. You might not know this, but I DO care about you. I want to make sure you're happy, but ultimately... I want to help you grow up. You're going to be a man in no time with me as your sitter. Uncle Chris used to babysit me. Remember him? Oh, he was... a big help to me. After you'd fall asleep, he'd come into my room and do things to me. He'd teach me all the right things you do to make a man happy. I really didn't like it at first... but told myself it was all going to be good for me in the future. Let me strip down and show you my body. Then... I want you to get naked and feel something you've never felt before... a wet pussy