Worshiping Belly Button and Armpits

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I just love to worship my best friends belly button and armpits.. So I have Nomi up against the wall and I tart to smell her belly. She get’s so horny by me worshiping her. I stick my tongue as deep as I can, and I fuck her belly button passionately with my tongue. I can really feel her shaking with pleasure of my tongue. But even more I get so horny that I turn it around and push her to my belly button. Nomi passionately stick her tongue in mine and use her tongue to fuck mine. But it is not enough, I want her armpits .. badly! So I push her back against the wall, and I start to lick her smooth armpits with desire. They taste so delicious. Nomi is a bit ticklish as well, so she try to pull away, but I do not let her! I want to lick her pits. But to make me stop she turn to mine, and she treat me the same way back. I get so horny when my sexy girlfriend is worshiping my body parts like