Cheating Friend Wants Your Cum

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omareth Nov 13
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You’re visiting a longtime friend for the weekend to keep her company while her new boyfriend is away. She asks for a favor, “Will you check out this new bra I have, to tell me if you think my boyfriend will like it?” Once she’s down to a bra and panties to show you, she starts teasing you and touching herself. The two of you have always been close, but it seems tonight she has something even more in her plans. She confesses that she’s always liked you, and now she wants you to fuck her! After a handjob to get you hard, she gets on top of you. You ask about the lack of a condom, and she says of course there’s no condom, she wants your cum in her pussy! She rides your cock until you both cum, but she’s not done yet, she wants two loads of your cum in her pussy, so she’s going to keep riding you until you give it to her. Don’t worry, cumming the second time feels even better, especially with your hot friend grinding on your cock, begging you to cum inside her