Finally Circumcised-MP4-HD



German / Florida
9:56 min - Apr 28 - .MP4 - 221.37 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Custom Vid- No Name Used kept pulling the skin tighter and tighter and tighter through the clap and when she was done, I asked for another inch to be pulled through and sliced off!!! You walk in on my conversation.  I ask you how you are feeling since it's been a month since your circumcision.  Of Course you are going to be sore!! You got your foreskin chopped off!!! Let me see what my money paid for! Drop your drawers! Wow!  I'm shocked how high and tight it is, they cut you back to the balls!  Way down the shaft.  Lift up....let me see underneath!  They even carved out your frenulum!  What punishment do you think you should have for making me wait for so long for you to finally do this?  Take away your car keys?  Ban all lube from the house?  Maybe a kick in the balls?  Actually your real punishment was already done!! I was involved and watching your entire circumcision!!!  I wanted to be sure they took off every inch!!!  Now I can finally be a proud mommy!!! ENJOY