Pigtails, Sloppy BJ & Cum Play Girl/Boy

3,601 5.0
3,601 5.0
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calliecravesyou Mar 12 2017

I swear every time I see this video on the front page I get distracted and wet...

finfangfoom2 Mar 12 2017
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Once again Jesse is preforming an awe inspiring act of fellatio. She is so hot, so gorgeous. She has got to be one of my absolute favorites to watch work. She has got the look and the skills... just wow.
The pigtails are such a cute look, as is the outfit that she doesn't wear for too long. Oh and then after she so masterfully sucks that dick she take the load into her mouth and it's hot. Then she dribbles the jizz out onto her chest and it's like eww gross...wait no...no, that's hot, that's fucking hot. i wouldn't have thought it but i'll be damned that is fucking hot.

Grey_Geist - Top reviewer Mar 12 2017
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Jesse is an amazing oralist that elevates fellatio to an artistry that is mesmerizing to watch. Lips, tongue, throat and hand all work together in this video to display her mastery. The eye contact is top notch when it occurs, sultry and sensual. Audio and visual are of the highest standard and though the camera occasionally loses focus that actually enhances the action rather than detract from it. This video is brilliant in headphones, lots of mouth sounds that are pure stimulation. The cumplay at the end is, like Jesse herself, and expert mix of cute and sexy. Highly recommended video guaranteed to satisfy.

shifty71 - Top reviewer Jun 12
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Great video. I loved it!

up1978 Jul 6 2017
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Fucking amazing. This woman is so incredibly sexy in everything she does. I love the cum play.

Watch me as I give a really messy blowjob, drooling all over his cock and stripping out of my clothes. When he cums in my mouth I hold it there until my mouth is so full of spit and cum it starts to spill out onto my chest. As I continue to drool, I rub his cum all over my boobs and pussy while you watch This video is exclusively for MV and won't be available on any other sites