Turning Back Time for Teacher


Bettie Bondage

American / USA
8:07 min - Mar 08 - .MP4 - 1.17 GB


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Your computer science instructor is such a bitch. All she does is talk about how little you guys are respecting her time, her efforts, how you should be happy to get such a good education blah blah blah. You heard from a friend's parent that when she was younger, she was a total slut! You can't imagine that, but you think it'd be really fun to see...so you start a new project: programming an age regression device. You finished your device, and used it on the family pet, turning it back into a kitten. You're pretty sure it'll work on your teacher, but not quite sure how far back to go. Once she starts in on you to put away your little toy, you decide to try it out, regressing your teacher back to her angsty feminist college days! This isn't getting you anywhere, so you press the button again and standing before you is a very slutty young version of your teacher! Decked out in a bikini with her tits on display, she catches your eye and quickly decides she's going to have some fun. You can't believe it, but your young teacher is begging for your cock in her mouth! You pull it out quickly and start to make her suck it. You keep calling her teacher, humiliating her while she plays along, confused. She has NO idea that she's been regressed, that she is the teacher on her knees sucking her students cock! What a slut, you think, as she begs for your load all over her face. Happy to oblige, you coat her in cum before turning the dial back to the present day, leaving your teacher looking up at you, covered in cum and her mouth full of her students spunk! She angrily informs you of the trouble you're in, but you don't care - just one press of the dial in the principal's office and this slut will be on her knees for both of you