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11,392 5.0
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BritBoy992 - Top reviewer Jun 19
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A really great JOI with almost permanent eye contact. Sophie sweetly tells you how to jerk off, constantly complimenting you throughout and makes sure to show you every inch of her perfect body.

MFCaccount1 - Top reviewer May 20 2017
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Such a good JOI from an incredible girl. Wow she's mesmerizing to look at and listen to!

mrtweeturgirl - Top reviewer Apr 9 2017
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Wow! That's a great JOI video! 2 thumbs up!

Urballsux - Top reviewer Mar 9 2017
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Great JOI !!! she says she felt awkward making this video, I Think it may have added to the video, I felt the video had a bit of shyness (which is a turn on) she's really cute telling us what to do and complimenting our cock, made me cum hard!!! Hope to see more joi vids from her maybe even some cei

Trevortrevor22 Mar 8 2017
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Dirty but sweet couldn't ask for a better joi. Once again Sophie shows why she the best . Wether online or here

Sophie_Fennec Mar 8 2017

Tevorrr thank you so much! <3

sunny_793 - Top reviewer Sep 15
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Such a good JOI! She's beautiful!