Shrunken Towel Boy


Jasmine Rose

American / U.S.
5:28 min - Mar 8 - .MP4 - 164.24 MB


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and I come home to your worthless ass again. I should know better than to expect anything more out of you. You'll never learn.. or.. will you. I've been busy all day. Grocery shopping. Washing clothes. Running errands. Cleaning. Working. And you haven't moved. I'm going out with my girlfriends to the pool, and I have an idea.. since you have nothing better to do. What a good punishment for you to come with. Hehehe, well the other girls wouldn't notice you of course, you'll be SMALL! A tiny helpless little man. I'll hide you in my towel and in my purse when I come to dry off. Making you watch every little second of it