Elven Princess Comes Of Age

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Vixi Vee

British / England
1,672 5.0
13:08 min - Jun 15 - .MP4 - 1.85 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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jamesjonesz May 2 2017
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I am not normally into cosplay and such but this clip is awesome. I love the part when she totally fucks her self silly with the glass toy. In every vid, seems like she's into it, not just acting. Keep up the good work!

Englishgent Mar 12 2017
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brilliant lady and very talented

LYON18555 - Top reviewer Jun 10 2017
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This clip is amazing, almost like a chapter of an hentai manga came to life. The first three minuets can only be described as beautiful; the angles of the shots, her attire, makeup, her general expressions and just perfect. When she begins to touch herself she brings the camera for a close up to her pussy with a jaw dropping visuals. I honestly can't wait to see what else she has and whatever she has coming up!

henryd Aug 11 2017
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Beautiful! Love the golden freckles- more! more! Love the music.
Sexy? Oh yes. Erotic? Damn! How many orgasms were there?

Thing is, I actually believe she is an elven princess, just disguised as a mortal here on Earth..

A beautiful Elf Princess has just come of age and wants to share her special ceremony with you.She has been longing to penetrate herself for such a long time, and savours the moment, licking and sucking the long curved glass toy, rubbing and stroking her glittery elf pussy and bringing herself to an intense orgasm with the beautiful glass wand! SFX, close-ups, creamy pussy and lots of angles! (Music only for first 3 mins