MP4 - Charlee Naughty In A Puffy Jacket

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MP4 VERSION OF THE BELOW CLIP - 1280 X 720 HD<br> Have you missed me? Have you missed my soft purple North Face puffy jacket? Have you missed me wearing my jacket? I have a feeling you've been wearing my jackets when I'm not around. I use my hands and then the sleeves of my jacket to softly stroke your cock before I swallow your man meat up with my mouth, sucking and tonguing you with my warm wet mouth. It's starting to get really hot in here! I unzip my jacket and pull my massive tits out from my bra. Look at that cleavage while I work your cock over! I climb on top of you and ride your cock until you're almost ready to cum but I don't want you to finish just yet so I lay down so you can fuck me missionary, squirting your huge load deep inside my hot wet pussy