Smokey Menthol Suck and Cumplay

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255 5.0
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Sadie just drips sex. Can't say enough. My only complaint is that she doesn't have more smoking video's. I need more!

I see you watch me light my Marlboro Smooth...and I bet youre dying to know what this menthol feels like on that hungry cock of yours. I'm about to make that fantasy come true for you. I crawl over to you on the couch, cigarette in hand, and take that yummy dick in my mouth inch by inch, stopping only to take an occasional drag. I love blowing that menthol smoke over the tip of your dick and watching you go nuts over the sensation. Then when I finally get a huge mouthful of that hot cum I love it so much I dont even swallow, right away...Id rather play with it first...sticking my tongue out and letting it drip down on to my tits just to lick it back up finally swallowing it down my throat like a good girl.. I love it..<br>1920x1080 Full HD