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While in Vegas this year for the AVN's we got to work with the sensational Nari Park. This Korean Hottie brought it with her in this video. We start with Nari sitting on top of our Motor Bunny with a nice Steam Roller pipe. She takes her 1st big drag and lets out a giant puff of white beautiful smoke at the same time we turn on the Motor Bunny on the lowest setting 1. Her eyes light up abit as she realizes that shes in for a good time. As she takes another drag we turn up the Sybian/Motor Bunny Vibrator and she struggles to not moan and exhale all the sexy smoke from her mouth. Nari has never used one of these before so she really doesn't know how she should be acting but she knows she can't help but moan out loud. She really gets into smoking and cumming. Nari takes nice long drags of amazing sexy white smoke over and over. Every time we turn up the vibrations the more seems to cum. Nari is truly multi-orgasmic as you will see in this video. By the end of the video she has so much cream coming out of her warm wet pussy you can tell shes completely spent