clay beach
Freebie Tuesday

Ass Worship In Fishnets

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What do you dream about doing to my ass the most? What gets you really worked up when you're worshiping my perfect booty? Do you imagine bending me over and fucking me? Grabbing my ass cheeks and feeling my perfect fullness as you conquer me? Perhaps you enjoy your sub-space, daydreaming about servicing me, eating my ass, and completely concerned with my own pleasure instead of the urges of your own disgusting dick. I can tell by that bulge in your pants how badly you want to sniff these fishnets, the fabric warm from sitting flush against my skin. The fabric and my skin would be silky smooth against your nose as you inhale greedily, taking in as much of your goddess as possible. Your fantasies cloud your mind as the real world falls away, leaving only this nirvana where only my ass and your desires exist